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An Interview with Billionaire Boys Club…

Billionaire Boys Club EU, run by N.E.R.D band member Pharrell Williams have recently celebrated their 2-year anniversary of the Soho Flagship in London, to celebrate the label unveiled a limited edition capsule collection and gave their interiors an authentic update. We catch up with Ross and Chris apart of BBC’s creative and management team. 

The collection incorporates an anti-old-school luxury theme while carrying the brand’s mantra: “Wealth is the heart and mind, not the pocket.” Graphics of crashed Lamborghinis and deconstructed 3D dollar signs with hidden messages, “Social insurance against disaster” and “Enlarging the ideal of human life” printed on the reverse of sleeves, analyze the concept of wealth and luxury.

HI Ross, Hi Chris, let’s dive in and talk 2-year anniversary. You’re now celebrating two years in your London store, how does this feel?

Exciting times for us as a brand and the store.

Along with the new store you’ve launched a new capsule, what was the direction you wanted to take with this?

I wouldn’t say direction. The original logo is something we’ve worked with in the past on various drops. When we opened all the stores globally we each did a respected tee to go with the opening. LDN .NYC and TYO. 

What design help if any did you pull in for the new interiors of the Soho flagship?

We used existing iconic prints from the archive. The camo print is from 2008. The moon rock we changed the colour to a mars red. Keeping it true to BBC. We will change again next year.

With two decades of Pharrell at the helm, how involved is he with the creative direction?

He’s still very much involved in the creation of themes and designs

What does it mean to BBC, when it comes to your London consumers?

It means a lot to our loyal customers. Its an experience and an education at the same. Keeping our guys and girls up to speed with what’s new and up and coming is important to us.

Can you tell us the difference between your Asian fan base in comparison to your British followers?

There is much difference in regards to the love they have for the brand. Its good to see the demand for each regions products.

We know there is a love of space age in the designs on BBC, how did this come about?

It’s the love for mankind and pushing the boundaries of exploration.

when you speak BBC, you can’t not discuss Ice Cream, how closely do these two elements work together?

Ice-cream was the skate team affiliated with BBC. They work hand-in-hand together. There is still a huge demand for Icecream. Watch this space.

You now have BGC, do you think you will eventually merge these two divisions into one unisex appeal label?

We feel the brand has taken on a more androgynous feel to it already. I mean the girls rock our gear already. The BGC helps to a degree. But there are no limits to who can wear it.

BBC has taken on a true Skater boy fan club, was this always its intention and appeal?

I think skate culture is important for streetwear brands of this nature. Due to the nature of Icecream and its involvement in skating. But I don’t think it was intentional that BBC has fallen into this category. We have all walks of life representing our brand globally.

What’s next for BBC?

Lots and lots planned for next year. Again watch this space. Collaborations… Paris?…. Amsterdam?… 😉

The collection is currently available at the E.U. Flagship and e-commerce website,, with special items sold exclusively at the London Flagship store.

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