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In Blue

In an Exclusive for FGUK Magazine, Irina Shkoda shot Anna Judakova in an art series, titled “In Blue”. Stylist Irina Galitskaya pulls pieces from and  Ko.ves. Makeup and Hair thanks to Yana Smirnova.


Assistant: Roman Fedotov, Carpets : Dovlet House

“I like working with a single accent in the color palette. I chose blue as the most distant from the color of human skin, to emphasize how far beauty is from the concepts of race, color, and stereotypes. It seems to me very important to separate the main and secondary. In this case,  blue will turn the demarcation line. On the one hand, it is a uniform, reducing completely different objects to a single denominator, on the other hand, by finding a single visual platform, objects, even more, embrace their uniqueness.

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