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Good Luck With The Future, From Photographer Dani Pujalte

Born in the late ’80s, Barcelona-based photographer Dani Pujalte’s body of work demonstrates the emotional journey experienced by many in his generation: changing expectations of a future plagued by uncertainty.

Pujalte graduated with a law degree in 2008, but rather than pursue legal ambitions he decided upon a career in photography. His completion of university came at a time of economic despair in Spain, the 2008 financial crisis had left the nation in a situation since referred to as the ‘Great Spanish Depression’. It was during this time that Pujalte’s exploration of photography really expanded; he found the political circumstances in Spain interesting and began researching them further.

From this early interest in documentary photography, Pujalte’s practice has grown with a focus on probing the cultural and social issues in Spain that concern him. In an interview with It’s Nice That, Pujalte remarks on his photography: “It’s about being awake to the things happening around you and then trying to catch things, forms, people or colors.” The photographer now combines personal documentary images with commissioned editorials and landscape photography. He is also interested in how his generation consumes technology and perceives the future. His new photo project, some of which is featured below, is titled ‘Good Luck With The Future’, and is about “What could be, and what will be, although we do not know yet.”

All images © Dani Pujalte


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