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Gender Utopia for Charles Jeffrey Loverboy Spring/Summer 2019

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy unveiled the Spring/Summer 2019 collection during London Fashion Week Men’s entitled ‘Emergence’.

This season LOVERBOY embraces the genderless and the misunderstood through a sensitive, celestial study of bodies: new bodies, changing bodies, accepted and unaccepted bodies. Jeffrey proposes a serene alternative reality, a sci-fi Xanadu of utopic harmony – a post-gender Shangri-La littered with stardust.

The label takes on an amorphous new mood. Athleisure – the puritanical antithesis of the hedonistic rage we saw last season – is not traditionally a part of LOVERBOY’s lexicon. But this season, Charles Jeffrey started running. Whilst in previous seasons the designer indulged in the idea of running away, here he runs towards something. Something brighter. Naturally, he runs in a tartan mini-kilt, striped knee-high socks and wood-block shoes.

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