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Game changing Women: The New Yorkers

When it comes to being a native New Yorker, we all know it can be a tough ride, especially for a minority, but what’s it like being a woman in the Big Apple? We speak to Alani aka @Wuzg00d and Danielle Leguillou @Danie.sierra as these two game-changing women carve out a piece of the pie and give the system a “middle finger” as they unveil their struggles, personal stories and admire their successes. All in the name of Self-Love.

Images shot by Ousmon Diallo in an Exclusive for FGUK Magazine. Styling thanks to Erika Golcher pulling pieces by Saint Laurent, Prada, and Versace. MU by Sena Murahashi and Hair by Kenichi Bando.

Read More Below. Interview thanks to  Roxie Xie


“These streets raised me and there is not a day I would take back.”

Growing up in NYC taught me that your dreams are always attainable. Being around all sorts of cultures and ethnicities …I embraced all walks of style and attitude on a daily basis. I basically grew up in Chinatown with a Jamaican babysitter with Black, Hispanic & Caucasian friends. Block parties, Parks, and Hip Hop was my childhood.

I always learned to be different.  I wasn’t worried about fitting in because I knew the only way to fit in was to stand out. Growing up in the streets taught me that this concrete jungle is, in fact, my runway and I owe to NYC to shine through the overcast.

I cast the following girls whom I felt had the same experience. I saw within them the same hustle I endured and was humbled enough to reach out for this special project. These girls define the meaning of strength, character and urban style I feel you can only get from being raised in NYC.   – Erika Golcher




How would you describe your style? What elements are the most essential to you, when you’re planning on the outfit for the day?

My style as eccentric. Color and accessories are so essential to me. They really are so important to a good outfit. 

How has growing up in New York helped your confidence, and made you a stronger woman?

New Yorkers are such headstrong individuals. We are bold, daring and diverse. Growing up in New York is all about confidence because there really is no such thing as “normal” or “ordinary”. People really embrace themselves, and others, as they are (for the most part). New York teaches you that being unique is special. And in turn, my confidence has turned into my strength. I’m not afraid to have a voice or be myself. 

How does your experience growing up in the Bronx shape you today (Could you also give us some hints on the vibe of the community you grew up in NY) especially in terms of your style and your fashion sense?

This question is a tough one. I lived in the Bronx but spent most of my growing years in the city. I went to school in the city, trained for dance in the city and worked in the city. I still spend 99% of my days in the city. The city has been much more influential to my style and fashion sense than the Bronx has. 




What makes you feel that you stand out, in other words, what makes you feel so different?

I wouldn’t say I feel that I stand out. But I do feel I am different. I feel like my outlook on life is so different from others. The way that I cherish my life and my loved ones. I lost my older brother Anthony when I was 19 years old. My older brother was my best friend, my diary. When I lost him it was the hardest thing I ever had to deal with and still trying to deal with. No words can explain what I feel.

My outlook on life. I don’t take a thing for granted and I cherish every second of every day in my life. So many people out there are so careless, they don’t understand how beautiful life is and how your life can be taken or changed in a matter of seconds. This world needs more peace and more love.

What has inspired you the most in life?

My mother. She is the strongest Woman I know. My mother lost both of her parents before she was the age of 30, and she lost her son, my brother Anthony when he was 25. After all this, my mother continues to be strong and continues to live and look at life in the most beautiful way. She’s the best mother and wife. She puts us before herself. My mother is so beautiful, her style from back in the days was so dope. She’s the main reason why I absolutely love the 90s and vintage clothing.

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