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FISH Hairdresser Soho London

Words by Tommaso Cassani



 “A quirky salon just off Oxford Street, whose doors first opened in 1987 on the site of an ex-fishmongers-turned-sex-shop. From barrow boys to bankers, Fish Hairdressing has styled them all. Now a busy and close knit hub, we offer cuts, restyles and a cheeky brew of course”



Fish is an adorable Hairdressers in the heart of Soho. Vintage wooden floors and walls covered with fish monger tiles as of course you now know their history. 

We all want to walk into some where especially when getting your hair done and feel welcome. Fish offers you comfort, experience and quality. (Thank you Bianca for making my visit such a great one). Fish Soho has great character, all hairdresser stations are signature to the owner and offers you a glimpse of what your hairdresser is like. (Bianca had a clean work space with only flowers btw) 

This is a true family/friendly experience, walk in a stranger and walk out feeling you’ve met great people with a great hair-do to match.There is a great selection on hair dressers in store with a high level of training, precision and customer skills, so don’t worry too much if you can’t get Bianca.

Fish also offers store developed hair products. packaging running in-line with the brands laid back and cool aesthetic. Fish hair products gives you salon performance products at a great price, with a decent side order of humour.

“Once you cut your hair at Fish you just can’t cut them anywhere else”

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