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FGUK FOOD: UKAI Portobello Rd, London

Words by Marvin Maddix




Ukai Portobello Road London brands themselves as a Japanese Gatro-pub. Offering traditional cuisine in a mod-upscale setting. Opening in 2006 Ukai Portobello Road London will not disappoint. The Japanese eatery is a sweet gem and excite at the heart of Notting hill gate.


We had the pleasure of meeting head chef, Alessandro Verros a trained chef at ROKA who dished us with some of the best presentation with taste to match we’ve seen in a long time. Tuna tartare was just one of the great surprises Ukai had on offer. A quality tuna laid on fresh avocado, sitting in a raspberry citrus sauce. Don’t be thrown, this will excite the palette and keep you wanting more.



What Ukai makes special is all their fresh Fish dishes and Sushi and Sashimi. This small but Idealist restaurant offers the freshest and rarest from open sea tropical to cold waters. We were lucky enough to get speaking to Alessandro Verros who offered a range of great dish options and really made every plate a delight. We have raved about the fish here but do not under estimate the meat plates. The sizzling beef hot plate is just as beautiful and you might just fall in love.


Ukai Portobello Road London is a little more pricey that your local Gastro-pub or maybe any you’ve visited but does offer variety/ quality in a great location. This will set you back £££ but be prepared to eat well and feel excited by every plate that you order.






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