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FGUK Food/ London : Gyoza Bar

Words by Marvin Maddix


Salmon Gyoza


When you want something cool , laid back but with a hint of panache then Gyoza Bar London is probably where you want to end up.

This little Japanese restaurant in the heart of Covent Garden offering east London cool without the across West commute(Jeans and Tee are OK  here).  Gyoza offers modern traditional decor with all wooden surfaces and block furniture with bench seating juxtapose stone walls.
The restaurant is co-owned and linked to Murukami a sushi restaurant next door but offers Gyoza offers you that more relaxed ambience with servings of  Ramen. (So Don’t be worried when you go to the bathroom and end up in the joining restaurant with everyone suited and booted)
When you get seated you’ll be handed a pencil, a menu and a ballot sheet of everything you want to order. This bits all freestyle , fill the sheet in with everything you want and hand it back to the waiter and that’s it. Order done.
What to eat?
Start with a traditional Gyoza (Japanese dumpling) . we recommend pork Gyoza for those real meat eaters , if your feeling safe go for the salmon option.
The Samosa wrap here will not disappoint you and of course as main accompaniment grab a Ramen. There’s really no wrong choice here . Its Japanese street food at its best.
For dessert for those not accustom to Japanese sweet you might want to go for the deep fried ice-cream , yes this was the winner for us. The Mochi( Japanese rice cake)  trio keeps it traditional but those who like a new foody venture.
Dinner for two will set you back ££ so there’s no need to break the bank and portions as generous .
Tip – if your doing all 3 courses get a table for 4 , space for bowls can be a bit sparse.
FG RATING : 3.5/5
Samosa Wrap
Crispy fried ice-cream
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