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FGLOVES: RIVA Arena Wireless Speaker

As we close in on the summer months and festival season peaks we are all seeking the best portable sounding alternative to the handset in a cup trick. The Riva Arena wireless speaker delivers exceptional sound all streamed directly from your Android or iOS device.

For those seeking convenience streaming or even an at-home multi-room setup Riva Arena is an excellent WIFI-enabled system that allows you to be able to switch between streaming sources, play/pause and amplify those summer sounds.

The Riva family does also offer you an App to be able to store and stream but we find on iOS it’s much more convenient to Install the system over WIFI and Stream directly through any streaming platform direct from your mobile. Although the app does allow you to choose your music source, whether it’s songs stored on your device, a USB stick connected to the speaker or from a media server.

We think this could make an even better wireless speaker if the RIVA offered a fully rechargeable and portable system, unfortunately, the system needs to plug into the mains or at least a portable electric source, but none the less the RIVA speaker offers sleek design and exceptional sound all at a reasonable cost.

The Speaker retails for £237 via Amazon.


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