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London Restaurant proving Healthy doesn’t have to mean compromise: Farmacy, Notting Hill Gate

Words by Marvin Maddix



As what feels like the British summer creeps up on us, we all become more obsessed with the fitness bug and sometimes there is just no fun in that especially when it comes to compromising on what we eat. Farmacy, Notting Hill Gate proves eating healthy doesn’t have to mean you lose out. This health cafe/ vegan eatery offers real variety while proving healthy body, healthy mind. The lifestyle brand opened by Camilla Fayed offers wellness-focused catering and delivery.

For starter we went for a Signature O.M.G Shot. A shot of juice, we’ll call it the palette cleanser served in a syringe: “organic CBD powder, flaxseed oil & grapefruit 5”, I think there is more aesthetic in this than taste but it proves the devils in the detail. The burgers here have been claimed to be the best vegetarian option in London and even though we can’t disagree it hasn’t turned of off meat just yet, it has left us highly impressed.

Those in favour of eating green this chic vegetarian restaurant is for you. The ambience is very hipster and even if your just there for the cocktails, surrounded by so much green you will leave feeling detoxed.  As much we might not be the healthiest of eaters and we’re not asking you to convert but Farmacy who state “All of the ingredients have been carefully considered both for their taste as well as their nutritional benefit and sourced from local organic UK farms.” Is a really great find and worth a go.
Service: ***
Cost: ££ Per person

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    London Restaurant proving Healthy doesn’t have to mean compromise: Farmacy,...

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