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DOS STUDIO Autumn/Winter 2019

Dos Studio Winter 2018-19 collection is clearly rooted in an architectural universe. Inspired by the figure of Le Corbusier, as the paradigmatic image of the Modern Movement’s architect. A man who made of the human dimension the axis of his work. The collection focuses on his pictorial work as well as in the image that has been linked to his figure. From Brutalism, as the most radical materialization linked in some way to his work, the collection is characterized by outwear pieces that emphasize a functional and robust look; woolen garments emerge from a simple design, furnished with subtle touches that remind us of essential elements of his architecture.

As in previous DOS STUDIO collections, the Fall/Winter 2018/19 collection continues using natural fabrics, such as merino wool manufactured in Spain, combined with technical fabrics that goes a step further than conventional ones: water repellent fabrics, PFCs free fabrics or New Life certificated materials.

Campaign photos by Guille Sola.

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