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In conversation with Heliot Emil

Julius Juul And Victor Juul designer brothers at Heliot Emil unveiled their Autumnal offering at Copenhagen Fashion Week. Our  Denmark reporter Jazz Brown caught up with the duo just after their AW runway.

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What’s it like working as brothers creatively?

It’s definitely something different, The thing that we always tell people is that you never not trust your brother when working with another business partner, the trust doesn’t come so easy. That’s something we love about working together, we also best friends so it makes the creative process even easier.

Do you criticise each other too?

All the time. And we fight a lot but we always come back to the same place. We are brothers too.

Who has to be always right?

The one that hits harder.

What goes into the fabric options this season?

Julius Juul: I handle most of the design and Victor is all business, sometimes we overlap but we try to feed off each other. We try to source a wide range of fabrications, we travel to Première Vision the World trade fair for apparel fabrics in Paris and try to pick out things we love, but this season we also worked with a British manufacturer to try and develop some of our fabrics too.

Some of the fabrics in the collection are thermal reactive, so we are working on ideas that go from positive to negative and that’s the same with this fabric choice. Our thermal jacket reacts to your body heat going from black to white.

What’s your opinion on eco-friendly fashion and offering sustainability?

Victor Juul: We think it’s something you need to be cautious about, were not a fast fashion brand and don’t believe in throwing anything away. We’ve actually looked at reusing past season fabrics, old parachutes that we sewed in other pieces. No so much about eco-fashion but more on the ideas of reuse and recycle.

See full Autumn/Winter 2018 collection here, and follow Heliot Emil on Instagram Here.

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