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In Conversation with choreographer Parris Goebel

New Zealand-based choreographer Parris Goebel is the result of some of the hottest artists and their moves. The 26-year-old dancer, director, and singer have worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson and even Justin Bieber’s  “Sorry” music video released in 2015 that has racked up nearly 3 billion views on YouTube, marking this the third highest viewed video in the platform’s history.

While Parris Goebel took what she called “a break” during her European tour we were able to pin her down, get all dressed up and have a little fun while doing so. Check Images above and read more below.

If you could raid someone’s wardrobe who would it be and why?

Rihanna, It’s Obvious

List 3 things that you can’t live without?

Phone, Lipgloss, Dessert

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing is that I get to create art every day

What is the worst thing about your job?

The worst thing would be the jetlag, changing destination and readjusting to time zones, can be tough.

Name one artist that you would love to work with?  

Kanye West. I love challenges and I love taking risks. He goes against the grain and creates art that is powerful, controversial and outside the box. I love to push the boundaries of my own work and I think it would be a super dope collab.

If you could describe your music in 3 words what would it be?

Heavy, Fun, Contagious

Is making music something you’d like to do more?

Yes, definitely! I love to be able to express myself through music and also create music that I can dance to. In 2018 I plan to do more everything. More music, more dance shows and maybe even a dance film ;).

Tell us about the best performance you’ve ever done since becoming a professional choreographer? 

Best performance I’ve done so far would definitely be JLO opening the AMA’s. It was such an epic performance. She gave me full freedom to create whatever I wanted. I chose about 20 of the top dancers in the industry and created a performance with JLO that went viral on the internet. We got to showcase how strong of a dancer and performer JLO is and everyone was blown away.

You’ve worked with some amazing artists can you tell us who has been the best to work with?

I honestly have enjoyed working with them all! But I definitely would say it was a massive dream come true to work with Janet Jackson. Her work ethic and attention to detail were so incredible to watch. I looked up to her since I was little and she was one of the reasons I started dancing. I honestly never thought I would get the opportunity to work with her, but I did and she is such an ICON.

Images shot by Simon Cecere, Styled by Marvin Maddix and assisted by Tommy Cassani. MU by Vicky Lin and Hair by Roy Hayward.

Clothing thanks to TOPSHOP, ASOS, Angel Chen, and Susan Forrest.

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