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In Conversation with Camila Falquez

Words by Marvin Maddix

FGUK meet Camila Falquez a Brooklyn based Art photographer making waves across the internet with her series Humanidad Aqui Arriba going viral, but she takes a minute to speak inspiration, Dance and the future.
Name:  Camila Falquez
Occupation: Photographer
Dream occupation: Photographer-Dancer
Location: Brooklyn
Life motto: Not sure I have one
What were you like in high school? I was always the funny one, never minded making fun of myself
Spirit Animal: Monkey
Aspirations : Be content with whatever life ends up being.
Muse: Beyonce, can’t deny that.
Inspirations: Beauty
When did you know photography is what you wanted to do?
I don’t have a specific momen’t where the idea of being a photographer became my purpose. I do remember always being very drawn to experiment with whatever camera was available as I grew up. I do remember the first time someone paid me for shooting, I thought to myself “This is too cool to be true!”. Time has passed and I think It’s all been a very organic process and I am super happy it has been this way. 
What ideas are you looking to express when you present a series?
It depends, but I think we live in a time where it’s very easy to express ourselves. It’s almost our duty. I feel however that what I do, is putting some images out there and wait for people to interpret them however they want. 
How would you describe your style of photography?
That is always a tricky question. I feel that artists that are very aware of their style, almost kill the spontaneity of it. My style is very related to my intuition and the person I am. That’s all I can say.
You started out as a dancer how does this influence the subjects you photograph?
So much! I just recently realised how much of what I do is related to the fact that dance is in my blood. I understand how bodies move and I can’t help but scanning my subjects with that filter. 
What’s Next ?
I just directed a music video with an amazing dance company that I can’t wait to show the world! 
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