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Concepts Of Community in “Regeneration Community”

In an Exclusive Shot by Federica Sasso, with the cast and Creative direction by Uragano Studio, “Regeneration community” encourages the concept of getting together, if it is physical, digital or generational. Regeneration is a concept of stop and restart. It is a contemporary dialogue in crescendo, a hymn to the freedom of action and to the specific difference of each individual caught an exceptional added value.

Hym, Jacopo, Martino, Nazareth, Rebecca, Sara, Vittorio and Yumi are all seen in pieces thanks to 10×10, Amiss, Bigdeal, Burrostudio, Cup Studio, Camarche, Fangofango, Filippo Bologni, Gogo Philip, Hymski, Lotto, Numero00, Omc Clothing, Riccardo Comi, RZ Studio, Roldscov, Sangue freddo and Toofastfor. With MU thanks to Genny Cecchini. 

Photography assisted by Emanuele Amighetti.

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