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Up-close with Clara Sofie

Danish singer and songwriter Clara Sofie who released her latest self-produced album ‘Understrøm’ in 2016, is celebrating her 10-year anniversary in the music industry. Sofie gets the full treatment and is shot by Claus Troelsgaard and styled by Sebastian Zal Filsoof exclusively for FGUK Magazine.

Sofie who is set to release her  new English single “Lift me Up” January 19th explains the meaning behind the new debut.

“I think I found myself in the music on ‘Understrøm’, so I have integrated that sound in ‘Lift Me Up’. With my productions and songs, I want to learn to say more with fewer effects. It’s an art you can keep perfecting over time, but I think that the song is more understated compared to what else I have done. The initial starting point for this song was a sketch for the winning song for Chili from Danish X-Factor. I did, however, end up making another song that suited her style more. For some reason, I couldn’t let this song go and I resumed the process finishing the track with myself in mind. And that ended up becoming ‘Lift Me Up’.” 

Sofie’s H and MU are completed by Donna Marie Thyrrestrup and seen wearing pieces by Thi Thao, Notabene, Lærke Andersen and Mathias Mons.

‘Lift Me Up’ can be heard here.


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