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BOOM Burger, Portobello Road

Words by Marvin Maddix




Boom Burger, Portobello is probably one of the only Jamaican influenced burger restaurants around. The gourmet burgers and cocktails kitchen offers Caribbean influenced foods in a vibrant space that can only be described as truly authentic.

The independent food shack is run by Joshua a Jamaican from Montego Bay who wanted to combine the authentic spices of Caribbean cooking with the quality of British-bred meat. As we write this we are already taken back to childhood with the great taste of jerk spice and plantain. We honestly have to say that Boom Burger is one of the best nouveau burger joints in town.
What can be better here is the length of service and making sure ingredients is ordered in the plenty.  You might find it’s a truly long wait…… so, if your heading in for a sit down expect it to be a while, but we think Boom Burger is best enjoyed at home in from of the Tv, which is now possible with Boom Burger now offering delivery.
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