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We believe | Bershka unveiled their Social Influencer campaign for Spring/Summer 2018

For its new season campaign, Bershka travelled to London’s coolest boroughs and beyond to find the up-and-comers: the new talent shaping the future of culture in the UK. The artists. Style breakers. Rhymers. Dancers. Thought provokers. The darers.

Through their different forms of self-expression – from writing and performing to modeling and activism – these 13 movers and shakers have earned street-cred, audiences and followers around the world. They embody the energy, open-mindedness, and the honesty of their generation. And by being genuine, believing in themselves, putting themselves out there, and staying one step ahead, they are engaging with like-minded people who share their beliefs.

The campaign features Benji, Flohio,  Philip + Gerritt, Chen Xue, Indira, Sam, Monica, Emily, Daisy, Sonny, Elikem, Frankie and more.

“We believe in the artists, the free spirits, the era definers. The self-expressors. The boundary pushers. We believe in the rule breakers who defy expectations. We believe in making music, moments and memories. And that the future is yours. Bershka believes that young-minded people can shape the future. Whoever you are. We believe in you. Meet our believers on Bershka SS’18 campaign.”


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