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Backstage @ Adam Frost einangrað

  In an exclusive for FGUK Magazine,  Celia Croft shot backstage at the Spring/Summer 2019 unveiling of Adam Frost’s LFW collection titled einangrað. [adjective: isolated, 1. Far away from other places, buildings, or people; remote]

einangrað, ss19 by Adam Frost takes vision from his recent move back to Hastings. The isolation he felt by being away from London, which led the collection into its raw hessian edges, royal blue inspired by the sea, and a manic tonal mixture of red, emerald green and canvas. Frost again this season created painted plastic garments, and this time had cut out parts of the dresses, leave breasts on show, a representation of something missing from his life.
Makeup artist: Phoebe Jacob Epstein
Makeup assisted by: Yoi Wan 
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