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Avant-garde & Ethical Womenswear by Irina Dzhus

Irina Dzhus, designer at DZHUS conceptual wear brand unveiled the Spring/Summer 2019 collection in the forms of a lookbook.

DZHUS SS19 line is dedicated to the process of apparel manufacturing, celebrating the technological aspect in all its
peculiarity. Constructed using experimental patternmaking techniques, the designs offer radical transformations, making the
garments extremely adaptive to their wearers’ preferences and changing circumstances: trousers are modified into a jacket
almost instantly, a bag can be worn as either a top or a skirt, and a voluminous hood vanishes once flatly folded.

The use of fabrics and finishes plays up the ‘in progress’ condition of the garments, which designer Irina Dzhus has always
found the most enrapturing stage of creation. Inspired by the genuineness and imperfection of mock-ups and prototypes,
DZHUS SS19 pieces feature exaggeratedly structured details, exposed seams, and threads, whereas some of the textiles
resemble crumpled paper.

Traditionally, DZHUS have combined avant-garde approach to design with uncompromising quality, wearability, and comfort.

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