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Autumn/Winter 2018: In Conversation with N-p-Elliott

N-p-Elliott unveiled it’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection during New York Fashion Week. We stop and have a quick 1-on-1 with Head designer Nicholas P. Elliott. 

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What is the name of your AW18 collection?

Samhain, a Celtic term that means “Summer’s End.” 

What inspired you to design this collection?

Nature of Scotland and “The Wicker Man,” a 1973 horror film based in Scotland. I also wanted to shine a light on the duality of what people typically associate with Scotland (golf, the highlands, etc.) in contrast to Scottish culture of Train-spotting or smackheads.  

What elements of Scotland did you reference?

When back home in Scotland, I enjoy strolling the streets and taking in history, nature, and nuances of my country. I was inspired by this primal, gothic, Harry Potter-esque energy in the landscape and 15th-century architecture.

How did you integrate this history and nature?

I included materials that have been used in Scotland for centuries. From functional to fashionable, materials such as tweed and tartan are very important to the history of Scotland. Because I’m Scottish, I’ve avoided these materials in the past, but finally using these fabrics created a sense of homecoming for me this season.

What impression did you want to make on the audience this season?

I wanted them to grasp the evolution of what resources are available to us in relation to what we wear and how it can be worn with personality.

Where do you want N-p-Elliott to stand in fashion?

I have varied interests and goals. My clothes are genderless. I don’t like to be tied down. I want my pieces to be great for everyone. It’s who we are and who we hang out with. We spend our time with such diverse groups of people, and I try to reflect that diversity in my work.

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