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Art School Autumn/Winter 2018

ART SCHOOL presented their Autumnal offering during London Fashion Week Mens. The label continues to develop their work embracing their own way of soft tailoring, this means that garments are designed on the body rather than a flat surface or the dummy and constructed directly on the wearer, with their lives, history, and experience in mind. Soft tailoring is at the core of each ART SCHOOL collection. However soft tailoring is not a mere technique. Being soft is a theme reflected in all sorts of ways:

It is about the sturdy structure of Duchesse satin used in combat trousers,
being soft is about stabilised buttons in cuffs and collars,
being soft is knitted metal yarn worn on the body like a floating chain mail,
being soft is about school girls’ skirts and slips with darting,
being soft is hand sewn Swarovski crystals dangling on top of sequins,
being soft is sheer shirts which retain their structure reinforced through trapped organza,
being soft is nude fabrics worn as transparent layers,
being soft is about blue velvet,
being soft is leather skirts lined with cotton.

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