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Angel Chen Autumn/Winter 18

Angel Chen unveiled the Autumnal offering during New York fashion season.

The Angel Chen AW2018 Collection creates an imaginary world based on the designer’s pic- turesque dream of a brand-new kind of nature, built with a vibrant palette of colour and visual wonder. A world made purely from illusions where the ocean meets the sky, the sun transforms into a golden phoenix abreast with the moon, and the white petals and corals are conjointly glit- tering deep under the ocean.

Angel Chen says: “On a magnificent snowy mountain, the sun and the moon tint a flock of sheep in red and gold. I watched them roaming free. A giant tiger on another hillside suddenly awakes from sleep causing the ground to shake. I try to run away, but the tiger was not as fierce as I first imagined, it was just playing hide-and-seek with the goldfish with its chubby claws.”

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