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[Amsterdam] Bright Young Things

Amsterdam based photographer Ramona Deckers sits and chtes with us as she presents us her series entitled “Bright Young Things” presenting some of the most colourful characters out of the Amsterdam nightlife captured in black and white.


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Tell us why you began this series?

Usually, I visit people in the comforts of their own homes. For this project, I decided to invite young creatives over to my own house and studio. I wanted to check the feel and lighting of the new place.

​ ​Plus I had been doing a lot of colour work and felt the urge to make black-and-white portraits. The results were just lovely, as were the people who showed up in front of my lens.
was the LGBTQ always meant to be your series focus?
I photograph people from all walks of life, that includes sexual preference. The underground party scene in Amsterdam is just very liberal and non-conforming, which is great. I happen to surround myself from time to time with people who like to let their hair down on weekends and forget about tomorrow for a day or two. The people in the portraits are interesting youths whom I’ve met either in the nightlife or through friends and friends of friends.
Where are you looking to this series?
With this series comes a short q and a, as I was interested in what is going on in their lives. I was curious to find out what keeps them busy nowadays. I was interested in their thoughts on love and how they see themselves ten years from now. So, I asked five questions revolving around these matters. Maybe I will photograph them again ten years from now and see whether they’ve achieved their ten-year-goal/ dream. 
what do you want viewers to take away from “Bright Young Things”?
 Bright Young Things is just a series about young people I find interesting. Twenty-something-year-olds who are very aware of what’s happening and what they want to do with their lives. I would love to continue the project and perhaps make a nice zine & exhibition out of it (with the texts). I was interested to find out whether they find themselves in an existential crisis and how/ if that is age-related. When I was a twenty-something-year-old I was always in ‘escape mode’, partying a lot with no sense of direction. I didn’t know what I wanted with my life. I was curious to find out whether times have changed. It seems as though they are very together and down to earth, which is nice to hear and see.
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