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African cowboy for Tokyo James Spring/Summer 2018

Tokyo James a menswear brand founded in 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria by British Nigerian designer Tokyo James, unveiled their Spring/Summer 2018 offering exclusively for FGUK Magazine. The Tokyo James brand is for the modern man who wants simplicity with an edge. The brand focuses on emphasising traditional techniques and clean line to create classic pieces. At its core the brand follows the philosophy that everyone should create and live their individuality.

The collection is titled ‘The African Cowboy‘ and centered around culture, bravery and fighting for cultural space and acceptance.

Being African isn’t the easiest of identities. It comes with negative preconceived notions that are planted in the minds of many. This struggle also extends itself in the pan African community. The everyday Afro struggle. The struggle for survival, the struggle for relevance, the struggle to be heard. The struggle for sanity. Hence the theme of the African Cowboy. This is our commonality. Within the struggle, inside the heart of the African Cowboy, we find bravery, courage, and resilience. We are all cowboys in this race of life that exists within gray areas. The African Cowboy is bold, beautiful and resilient in the face of challenges and lives to fight another day.


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