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Addressing Toxic Black Masculinity in “Bwoys”


For its third installment of the ongoing series, “Bwoys” addresses Black male masculinity and what that means amongst the Caribbean diaspora, Ramario Chevoy continues to look within personal spaces for inspiration. 

Toxic masculinity in the Caribbean community is a major conversation, we just aren’t having enough. Most people don’t want to acknowledge let alone talk about it. The effects it has on a man’s mental health, self-esteem and self-worth. The pressures of how a Black man is perceived in and outside of the home or community, but this conversation is happening. And so it’s definition. 

“As men, we are told to ‘man up’ or ‘be a man about it’ but what does that even mean. As men, we go through problems & we also need a shoulder to cry on & choosing to be comforted by another black male is important & shouldn’t be looked upon in a negative light nor should it have people questioning your sexuality. This series I wanted to show a more vulnerable/sensitive side that we as black Caribbean men have.” – Ramario



Styling:  @ramariochevoy Makeup : @kareemjarchemakeupHair : @p3nny_scissorhandsPhotography : @thisyellowboy, Lighting assistant: @kimlangstudio

Models:  @ramariochevoy, @dominicwayne, @narxldn, @sirproverbs & @prettyinthesix

Fashion & Accessories Thansk to Levis, Reebok, White Rose Hops, Lucky little blighters + more.

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