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Across Our Faces by The Aphrodisiac Kitchen

In an Exclusive for FGUK Magazine, photographer and Chef Andreas Joshua Carver shot Zach Grear, Josh Hamlet, Pablo Olguin, E.T. Chong, and Chris Metzger in “Across Our Faces” thanks to The Aphrodisiac Kitchen.

Food – our host, our provider, our beacon of conversation – it is the nucleus of our households. When we eat together, we grow together; we fight together; we win together. But what happens when our dining room table becomes a place where frustration arises. When an amuse-bouche is now bold headlines that sit with us beyond our communal gathering spaces?

Andreas Joshua approaches cooking through a romantic lens. Having moved often since childhood, food became his source of stability and inspiration. After a thirteen year commitment to being meat-free, he has dedicated his life to an environmentally and ethically-conscious diet. He hopes that his journal, The Aphrodisiac Kitchen, will draw people into their kitchens to redefine what food means to them. His belief is that all foods are Aphrodisiacs because when we cook for others we cultivate conversation, incite love and stimulate our minds.

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