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Absolute Quarantine

Absolute Quarantine is an art directed story lensed by Cihan Bacak and Art Directed by Ismet Koroglu exclusively for FGUK Magazine. The series serves as a sequel to “Broke With An Expensive Taste” * – an independent fashion story shot in Istanbul last summer by Bacak.

The king and the queen are quarantined shortly after the power changes hand in the kingdom. They are in the woods. They seem to have left everything they possess behind — except their crowns.Our king and the queen in that story are acclaimed Turkish contemporary dancers Umut Sevgul and Ismet Koroglu. This time instead of ruling they are being a part of the environment – therefore they are portrayed as a part of nature. ‘

Head Pieces designed by Selim Baklaci 
Models are Umut Sevgul and Ismet Koroglu 

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