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Words by Marvin Maddix



Shukri Lawrence presents his series titled ABIBAS Exclusively for FGUK Magazine. ABIBAS project questions the link between fashion and bootlegging and whether supporting local business is better than what is being purchased.

“Palestinians don’t have shops like Adidas and Nike in the West Bank, but they have small shops that sell bootleg clothes of these brands – which helps a lot. But people usually tend to prefer to spend more on the expensive clothes rather than the cheap, and it’s understandable, I’m not saying stop buying clothes from big brands and just keep buying bootleg, but I am questioning even if you don’t want to wear it, buy it in support of the small business. Supporting your local small businesses because they need the money more than Gucci.”

The series of images is photographed and featured and curated by a wide range of creatives from Candy KenMarineh YacoubianReem KawasmiDaria SamoylovaAdan Cabat.

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