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9 Sustainable Gift Ideas That Don’t Include a Compost Bin.

We join the fight to combat overconsumption and the vast amount of unrecyclable waste we cause to the planet. Now that being said, we want to deliver more integrational ways to get involved, which doesn’t mean compost bins or endless hours of google search.

Here’s a list of 9 sustainable gift ideas to help you transition into eco-friendly living or just something for the special people in your life to help them do their part, whilst enjoying the gift of giving.

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  1. 1.   Fillipa K 100% recycled and recyclable coat £270


Inspired by the slow speeds of nature, this 100% recycled and recyclable coat is sustainably made from plastic bottles to last for a decade or longer – then it can be fully recycled into the same material from which it was made. The Victoire Front Runner is timeless in style and quality and has the Filippa K guarantee of 10 Years of Care.

2.   Crate and Barrel Stainless Steel Straws £7

Angled just so, these sleek reusable straws in stainless steel keep the chill on for enjoying everyday beverages and sipping cocktails.

3.  Frank Green Reusable SmartBottle £30

Meticulously engineered from unbreakable stainless steel with a curved body, spill-resistant lid and a hole that optimises liquid flow, this reusable SmartBottle can even be recycled once you’re done with it. Thanks to double-walled thermal insulation, it helps retain heat or keep liquids cold.

4.  Walk With Me Deren regular recycled leather pouch £28

Exquisitely crafted from one single piece of recycled leather, this pouch is perfect for carrying a variety of essentials such as sunglasses and headphones, as well as being used as a pencil case.

5.  The Organic Company Organic Cotton Food bag £10

The large food bag is crafted in a lightweight gauze weave, made from pure organic cotton. Durable and more resistant than the disposable alternatives it’s perfect for storing food or using when you go grocery shopping. No harmful or toxic particles are thrown in the mix so you can protect yourself and help the environment.

6. VERKSTAD DESIGN Reclaimed Block Lamp £95

Made from reclaimed wood via London, United Kingdom this soft, smooth finish lamp is individually made with a Block measurement: of approx. H14.5cm x D9.5cm x W7.5cm.

7.  Mühle Traditional Rose Gold Razor £36.50

The Mühle reusable razors are a great alternative to plastic disposable razors and suitable for men and women. This eco-friendly rose gold version is corrosion-resistant, making it long-lasting and therefore a more sustainable option when compared to a disposable. Unlike modern blade systems, the head of the safety razor does not move. The blades are replaced by unscrewing the cap which reduces waste and provides a long-lasting razor.

8.   McQ Alexander McQueen Black Swallow Recycled Trackpants £212

McQ by Alexander McQueen presents a 100% recycled cotton recycled trackie, with relaxed-fit panels and dropped inseam.

9.  ALIENINA Woven cotton tote £160

Eliana Venier created Alienina with the intention of “giving a new function and aesthetic value to the everyday object and extending their lifespan” – that’s why she uses only recycled materials such as oil lamp wicks and mountain climbing cords. Hand-woven in Italy from cotton rope, this lightweight tote is lined with durable canvas and sized to hold your daily essentials. It’s machine washable, too.


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