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10 Slim Shady Sunglasses worth buying.


As we continue to get adjusted into the new year, it’s for certain that we are looking at a year of nostalgic-trend resurfacing. One trend that has been transcending both on and off, the runway has been slim shaped eyewear. The slim frame has been spotted everywhere. Seen planted on the faces of models walking in shows such as Hood by Air,  while also hanging on the above the noses of off-duty models such as Luka Sabbat. One of the key details for an outfit in the 90’s is now back in the coolest way! Take a look at our top ten picks of slim frames that are worth investing in.


These frames take back to the iconic late 90’s classic “The Matrix”. These frame feature a sleek and cool design making them perfect to wear during the night.

Chimie Eyewear, $149

The Joel Ighe Frames



With a Geometrically-structured frame, these artsy glasses are minimal yet cool enough to accompany any day-look.

Krewe, $275

The Ward Frames



Fast forward to the year 2048 with these futuristic frames from Seoul brand Gentle Monsters. With a red streak lying across the pupils, these frames are beyond badass.

Gentle Monster, $320

The Poxi Frames


Black Dorris

Small and quaint with a pinch of character, the glasses definitely have a persona of their own. Taking it back to the early 90’s with a rounder shape, these glasses for sure will add as a nostalgic flair to any look.

Roberie and Fraud, $195

Black Dorries Frames



Accents like these tough shaped frames will add character and edge to the most minimal looks.

Smoke X Mirrors, $350

GEO III Frames



Ultra-Sleek, Monochrome,  and angular shaped, these frames will serve as a fashion-forward finish to a sporty look.

Roberie and fraud, $250

The France Frames



Colour-tinted frames are also in high demand this season. A colored-shade cohesive with a funky shape, makes these mod-inspired sunglasses bomb for warm weather season.

Armstrong Sun Col. A Frames



These super-slim shades serve as a fashion-forward reference to those futuristic spy movies that we all love (and fantasize about kicking ass in). From the Adam Selman collective collaboration with Le Specs, these glasses feature an almost-invisible frame with black tinted specs.

Le Specs, $119

The Fugitive Frames



The straight-across shape is way more flattering than you might expect. These unisex frames are also designed with cool temple panels on the side. Two words: Fucking Need.

Les Specs, $119

The Flex Frames



We all remember the iconic, and tastemaking early 2000’s, when music artists like Gwen Stefani, P. Diddy, and Eve were all know for their trendy transcending style. These and other celebs were recognized for wearing only the flyest shades out there. These larger, pink-tinted frames reference the urban-eclectic essence of that era (which we miss so much).

Illesteva, $190

The Angeline Frames

Selection by Nick Linson

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