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10 Incredible Quotes From “Ai WeiWei’s: Humanity”

Renowned and exiled Chinese conceptual artist Ai Weiwei, a known face behind the migrant’s movement and shocking cine-essay  “Human Flow” released last winter; diving into the 21st-century global migrant crisis, now unveils his little blue book “Humanity” as Weiwei continues to use his fame and social media as a megaphone for his activism.

“Humanity,” a little blue book published by the Princeton University Press and edited by a longtime collector of Mr. Ai’s work Larry Warsh makes up a series of thoughts and aphorisms expressed by Ai Wei Wei in previously published interviews and other public appearances all in one place.

Check out below some of our Top 10 statements and shop the book Here in Loves.


“Humans do not rule the universe. We are temporary passengers.”


“We always have to share compassion with other people-otherwise. how can we call ourselves human beings?”


“In this time of uncertainty, we need more tolerance, compassion, and trust for each other since we are all one. Otherwise, humanity will face an even bigger crisis.”


“During the saddest moments in our history. mankind has had to prove their worth as humans to their own kind”


“Nationality and borders are barriers to our intelligence, to our imagination and to all kinds of possibilities”


“When Berlin Wall fell in 1989, 11 countries around the world were cut off by border fences and walls. By 2016 some 70 countries had built border fences and walls. The U.S is now trying to build a new wall with Mexico and for me this is unthinkable. This solution has never worked and it testifies to the notion that we have become less courageous.”


“What shocks me the most are the people who are so privileged in Europe or elsewhere who are not taking the refugee conditions seriously”


The United States was basically built by immigrants and refugees. The foundation, the very idea of this nation, was all about everyone being created equal. Violating those ideas to create policies and tactics that push people in need away sets up a very bad situation, not only for the refugees, but for the United States as a nation and how it looks as its own dignity, confidence, and place in the world.


“I don’t care what people think. My work belongs to the people who have no voice”


During change, hum rights, human dignity and free speech have to be protected. Otherwise, we’ll be going backwards.”

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