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Temakinho: A Japanese-Brazilian restaurant debuts in London

Temakinho is a craze we’ve heard of while visiting Italy and never having the time to stop in. We knew it was only time before this Brazilian and Japanese infused chain migrated. Temakinho now opens on Old Compton Street, Soho bringing a little life back to the Japanese offering in London.Temakinho who have home bases in Rome and Milan have become go-to for a young, trendy and particular clientele and we have no doubt this will continue as they globalise.

Its strange and wonderful fusion and decor offer a vibrant colour palette from the ornate to the updated take on seventies furniture. The food here is real. The use of traditional and seasonal fish and ingredients keep the food fresh and inviting while its pairing with Brazilian sauces and salsas offer rich, fresh flavours and tastes that certainly lets you understand why Temakinho is so successful.

Signature dishes include Salmao com Camarao and Atum Picante, Salmao Gostoso, made with salmon tartare, chives, avocado, spicy mayo, cream cheese and flying fish roe are just some of the best selling dishes to come out of this kitchen. And also Temakinho is a  Friend of the Sea, currently not offering tuna on the menu due to issues with farming and Tuna being endangered.

PS. It can get really busy so you might need to expect some slow service times, but enjoy a few of the tropical cocktails on offer and you’ll do just fine.

Temakinho is open now at 10 Old Compton StreetLondon W1D 4TF, England and Open every day from noon until 11 pm.
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