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In Conversation with Tommy Cash

Meet Tommy Cash, Estonian based rapper looking to break the Internet. This winged eastern hybrid allows us to dive into his world of electric beats meshed with his Hip-Hop flow. Mr weird and wonderful sits down to talk to us about visuals, concepts and his rise to fame.

Hi Tommy how are you?

Hey, how are you? I’m great. Just arrived in Slovakia, I’m playing here at this festival. I’m in this fancy hotel room my bathroom has neon blue lighting and I bought jewelry from the hotel reception. The fabulous life of Mr.Tommy Cash. Rawr

Where are you from?

I grew up in Estonia. But I’m a mix of Russian, Ukrainian and Estonian. All these nationalities fucked in one person.

Can you tell us about when you became Mr.Tommy Cash when were you “discovered” as they say?

I don’t remember when it exactly happened. My life has been a roller-coaster and I still don’t believe some of the stuff that is happening to me. Can u imagine that a couple days ago I played to 30,000 people at Roskilde Festival? I can’t comprehend that.

 How did you build your image?

I didn’t. It’s all natural. I just do me. I am who I want to be. Building an image sounds weird. I  think it’s something that labels do when they try to make a parrot out of a chicken.

We know you’re highly influenced by Hip-hop music and street style, is there anyone in particular artists you pull inspiration from or admire?

Right now, I’m influenced by Shia LaBeouf when he shops at Whole foods with his girlfriend …his swag is off this planet. He starred in Transformers with Megan Fox. What do you want more from life? (It’s a mic drop)

 There is no doubt you’re a raver, does the rave culture have a big influence on your creative making process?

Of course! I’m from Eastern Europe it’s in our blood. I was raised while Scooter was penetrating the radios. Forest raves and all that.

 In your track “Euro dollaz” you say freak of nature, what is this in reference to?

It’s a reference to our horses. I love to ride. And I love nature. I was sadly raised in a town we had no farm. So…Now I’m freak of nature

 What are your ideas about what being beautiful means? Do you think you’re challenging this idea of beauty?

I think I am challenging the idea of beauty. To me beauty is not in the mind, it’s in the senses. I knocked out a piece of my tooth couple months ago on a concert with my microphone, I still haven’t fixed it, it feels right. Beautiful is not perfect.

What brand would you love to release a collaboration collection with?

Jinco jeans.(haha) Do you remember these super wide “rap” jeans?! also, I would love to work with Pixar because I love the way they approach their work. I’m a fan of their storytelling and characters. I want to become as good in my storytelling.

Are there any other industries you’d like to get your claws into?

I can’t tell you because they don’t want us to succeed! they don’t want us to win! I don’t want them to see me coming! I promise you will understand soon

What have you learned new about yourself since starting on your Tommy Cash journey?

I learn something every day

 What is Tommy Cash’s go-to Saturday night film?

My go-to Saturday watch is the Eurosport channel. Pool, Golf or Formula 1. It’s so clean. So, fresh.

Where do you see Tommy cash in the future?

I see Tommy cash in the future, that he is the future

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Photography and Art Direction by Antonio Eugenio 
Style by Megan Mandeville
Hair by James Oxley
MUA by Bari Khalique
Photographic Assistant : Peter Butterworth
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