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Pre-Order the Sex Issue featuring Cover boy Jeremy Meeks.

FGUK Magazine follows up their Spring/Summer 2017 New Beauty issue with cover boy Shaun Ross with its new Autumnal issue with Internet Heartthrob Jeremy Meeks. The Sex Issue which dissects what modern day fetish and sex means as part of a digital age. Our development from just porn sites and magazines but our new found arousals with the Internet, aesthetic, Instagram unwrapping videos and photography.

The issue which now offers over 300 pages featuring an Interview with Jeremy Meeks as we discuss changing fans perspectives and his sexiest moments. The gorgeous Lara, Mara and Sheila shot by photographic duo Mar+Vin, an Interview with Creative Director behind the New York-based genderless label LANDEROS NEW YORK, Why we shouldn’t spend our time watching porn, Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston behind the viral video for Brendan Maclean’s House of Air and Secret Travel gems worth visiting.

This issue is now on Pre-order and set for release November 24th. Pre-Order the new Issue via our Web-store.

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