Derren Brown’s Ghost Train opens at Thorpe Park

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Words by Marvin Maddix     This is not for the faint hearted. THORPE PARK Resort have teamed up illusionist Derren Brown for what might just be one of the most terrifying but highly recommend attractions. The virtual reality experience run by Nokia’s 360-degree OZO camera is placed on each seat, plugged with a thick black power cable into the carriage.You are led in, sat down and the experience begins. You are there to be terrified, scared shitless and what you see, hear and feel might just send you screaming and just when you think the experience is over, there is so much more. This ride might just split you and your friends into the "mice and men". What we really loved about the attraction was its commitment to the cause, the focus on the detail from entering the building to walking through the gift shop. "Take your one way ticket on a horrifying journey into the chilling depths of the unknown. With intense live action and thrilling physical effects, the grasp of the Demon awaits. Are you brave enough to come face to face with the Demon as it rises from the darkness?"   Book Tickets online Now.

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