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Words by Marvin Maddix



Maida Ghide, Ishmil Waterman is lensed by photographer Ishmil in “COUP D’ETAT” Exclusively for FGUK Magazine. With Fashion by Theodora Bak and accessories by Angostura.

“In a time where inequality is prevalent in all aspects of society, Fashion photographer Ishmil Waterman and Fashion Director Maida Ghide are the advocates speaking out for black art, design and literature. Despite millennia of development and influence, African achievement has been widely understated in a world that wishes to abuse and undermined the marginalized voice . The duo aims to bring power to that voice in a creative overthrow of a supremacist establishment.  Not only is this a display of take-over, but in its alluring colour palette and graceful silhouettes, it also serves as an act of coronation. Claiming their place at the Chateau du Versailles, they emit a bold and shaking statement “We are Home”.Golden in both its tones and essence, these two carry a legacy of success that holds true to centuries of ancestors who have struggled in their journey.  This self-proclaiming  project not only manages to tell the story, but in its creation it captures the magic of what two independent artists can create. The Halo Cult managed to produce the whole spread by capturing each other in the regal story as the King and Queen of a new age of enlightenment.”

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